FEBRUARY 6, 2020



Splat! Media 2020 Projects Briefing

splatadmin – 9 January, 2020 / 8:55 pm
In 2020, Splat! Media along with their subsidiaries Splat! Studios and Splat! Sports will bring you some very interesting series and sporting events. In addition to the already announced Young Heroes In Love series and the Tournament of Mystery series, we have these series and…
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Tournament of Mystery Cast and Competitor Announcements

splatadmin – 23 December, 2019 / 12:55 pm
The tournament of mystery has two elements. The tournament and the mystery. 16 competitors will conceal their identities with gear and masks and only be addressed by their chosen mystery name. The tournament will proceed as follows. 1) Both male and female may participate in…
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“YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE” Cast Announcements

splatadmin – 28 November, 2019 / 10:41 am
In 1997, DC Comics produced a comic series called Young Heroes in Love. A rough band of heroes that get together to fight crime. The series was very underrated and featured more of a television drama feel to it more than a superhero comic book…
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Kan Tai Panda Adventures Episode 4 Guest Cast and Plot Reveal

splatadmin – 20 November, 2019 / 10:57 pm
Episode 4 of Kan Tai Panda Adventures hits Splat! on January 15th and features a battle for the National Housekeeping Championship. Azurine Vebbins participates but what in the world does Agustin Gates think he's doing entering the competition. Could it be the prize?
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Kan Tai Panda Adventures Episode 3 Guest Cast and Plot Reveal

splatadmin – 20 November, 2019 / 9:12 pm
Debuting on Splat! on January 8th, episode 3 of Kan Tai Adventures which will see Tony Savage help Kan Tai and Panda as they try to recover a very expensive and rare collection of teddy bears that have been stolen by R.O.S.E. (Sarah and Lilith…
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