OWA Championship Wrestling 4-27-1997

Anthony Hazard takes on Pretty Boy Monty; Traci Lane finally addresses the betrayal at the hands of Monica Brant; Consuelo...

OWA Championship Wrestling 4-20-1997

Loser will leave the OWA as OWA TV Champion Mr. America defends his title against Tom Tomorrow; Consuelo Salyards battles...

*GDWA Saturday Night Tease 4-19-1997

Incomplete: Promos from Browne Girls, Burning Rain, Bloody Mary and more.

GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight 4-15-1997

The Misfits take on Burning Rain in the main event.

OWA Championship Wrestling 4-13-1997

Traci Lane battles North American Champion Billy Smith in a non-title match; Mr. America defends his TV Championship against Anthony...

GDWA Saturday Night Tease 4-12-1997

Promos from Dementia Praecox, Organized Crime, The Misfits and more.

OWA Championship Wrestling 4-6-1997

Mr. America defends the TV Championship against former champ Miguel Thunder; MP Inc. debut in a seven person elimination match;...

GDWA Friday Night Tease 4-5-1997

GDWA Saturday Night Special 4-5-1997

Bloody Mary battles Lanny Manson in the main event.

GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight 4-1-1997