OWA Championship Wrestling 5-18-1997

OWA TV Champion Virgo defends against Ricky Hype; Mr. America battles Diamond Brett Robbins and Mariko takes on Crimson Scorpion...

OWA Championship Wrestling 5-11-1997

Virgo defends the OWA TV Championship against Harvard Earl; Taleis battles the returning Adam Sanchez; Big Russ Gator takes on...

*GDWA Saturday Night Tease 5-10-1997

Promos from Medusa Rage and the Misfits, Sally McClane, Miko Azai and more.

*GDWA MVP 5-9-1997

Promos from Sierra Browne, Bloody Mary, The Syndicate and more. Incomplete.

Crime Spree 1997

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the OWA Championship Monica Brant vs. Traci Lane vs. Pretty Boy Monty, North American Champion...

Battle of the OWA Superstars 1997

Battle of the OWA Superstars 1997