GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight 7-28-1997

Both the GDWA Championship and GDWA Cruiserweight Championship are on the line: Dementia Praecox vs. Sierra Browne vs. Officer Order

GDWA Monday Night Tease 7-27-1997

Promos from The Syndicate, Bloody Mary, Sierra Browne, Lady Tiger and more.

GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight 7-21-1997

GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight Championship/GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Keiko Mita vs. Sierra Browne

OWA The Lost Episode 7-15-1997

Traci Lane defends the OWA Championship against Ricky Hype; the vacant OWA TV Championship is decided in a four corners...

GDWA Monday Night Tease 7-6-1997

Promos from Dementia Praecox, Sierra Browne, Tiffany Chandler, The Otanashis and more.

*GDWA MVP 7-5-1997

Incomplete Card: Promos from Dementia Praecox, Kieko Mita, Medusa Rage and more.