Kan Tai Panda Adventures Press Release

The following press release is intended for immediate distribution.

Augusta, GA: OWA Network in conjunction with professional wrestler, Kan Tai and her beloved Panda are going to be the centerpiece of OWA Network’s first original animated series.  It will actually be the first ever scripted series to be shown on the OWA Network. 

The show will center around Kan Tai and Panda along with their friends from pro wrestling as they try to stop the capers of villain wrestlers.  The show uses real wrestlers in the roles as themselves as well as actual voices. 

The series will not use a single style of animation, but merge multiple types of animation into the series. The studio is working with finding the proper opponents to take on Panda as well as to be friends with Kan Tai and Panda in the series. 

Each episode will run approximately thirty minutes each, except for the pilot which will run an hour. At the end of each episode, Kan Tai and Panda will make a live-action appearance to explain the moral of the episode.

The show is set to debut on Christmas Day with a special Christmas episode. As Kan Tai and Panda prepare for Christmas, shocking news that members of Mile High Wrestling’s devious faction the Coven have taken Santa prisoner and vow to disrupt Christmas unless their demands are met. 

Can Kan Tai and Panda save Christmas? Find out this Christmas on OWA Network and then each week following there will be new challenges for Panda to face. The first season is set to run for 10 episodes with an additional movie-length special set for a summer release which will be called “Kan Tai and Panda visit Jelly Beaches”.

A trailer will be released soon for the Christmas Special, as well as the series. OWA Network is looking forward to working with the professional wrestling community to create this project and is looking forward to their support.

OWA Network is a repository for classic wrestling archives. They also run live events for the Global Combat Championship MMA company twice a month. You can stream all the action for a low price of $6.99 per month.
Kan Tai is a professional wrestler currently working out of Royalty Wrestling League and Iconic Pro Wrestling.  Panda is her sidekick and has made quite the splash since his debut. She can be reached via Twitter at @KanTaiPanda

OOC NOTE: This will be a scripted series and presented as a script. It’s an actual thing. If you’d like your wrestling persona portrayed in this series, contact Kan Tai as the Twitter account above. She will ask that you select a suitable animated PB for your character which can be any style, but should be in color. Any additional questions, she is more than happy to answer questions.