Splat! Media 2020 Projects Briefing

In 2020, Splat! Media along with their subsidiaries Splat! Studios and Splat! Sports will bring you some very interesting series and sporting events. In addition to the already announced Young Heroes In Love series and the Tournament of Mystery series, we have these series and events on the schedule.

Imagine a part of the city that is so bad, so corrupt, so violent that the rest of the city had decided to build a wall around it and treat is as a prison. No electricity, no conveniences. Just each for their own. A hierarchy that is dictated by who is the strongest, toughest, most violent. Break the law in the city, you are thrown into Prison City. In a place where everyone is trying to get out, imagine being that one person who wants to get in. What is her motive? This limited series will debut on Splat in September.

Vic Sage leads a double life. He appears on screen as the city’s favorite news anchor, but this conspiracy nut also parades in the darkness as The Question. The Question is a faceless, violent vigilante who looks to take down the mob, corrupt politicians of this city and most of all Lady Shiva who seems to control it all. Enter Renee Montoya who works for the police department. She’s being pressured to find the Question and bring him to justice for his vigilante ways. Based on original characters from DC Comics, this limited series will air in November.

A 24-hour wrestling event? Who would be crazy enough to attempt such a thing? Splat! Sports of course. Wrestling, MMA and boxing take center stage at six locations around the world. Championship matches, dream matches all taking place in a 24 hour span. Six locations across the world will host six different events. We are looking for feds to commit to this project. For more information about the tentative plan, check out this link:


*This event is pending we get enough participation to run with it.

All Derby Championship bring some talent to the derby ring as four teams of 6 come together to battle it out in a round robin tournament to decide the All Derby Champion. This series should last six weeks.

*This event is pending getting enough participation to proceed.