We are happy to announce the official rebranding of the OWA Network to Splat! (pronounced Splat Point) Media and the creation of three divisions underneath the Splat! Media banner.

Splat! Studios will be responsible for the creation of original scripted or non-scripted programming. They are taking over the reigns of the upcoming cartoon series, Kan Tai Panda Adventures. They are also in negotiations with DC Comics to create a series based on the faceless hero, The Question which will be a live action series, the first for Splat!. Splat! Studios is also looking for unique scripting opportunities outside of the normal chains. They are looking for outside industry scriptwriters who are trying to find a way in and looking for a way to make their visions come to life. 

Splat! Sports will also be responsible for live sports programming. Global Combat Championship will fall under this umbrella. Splat! Sports is also scouting for the possibility of introducing a Roller Derby to the network. . Live professional wrestling is also an option under Splat! Sports if there are companies looking to find a broader reach.  

Finally, Splat! Archives will continue the tradition the OWA Network started out doing and that is bringing classic professional wrestling content to the network. Splat! Archives has a vault full of archived broadcasts from the 1990s through the late 2000s they are working to remix, remaster and restore to bring them back to life on Splat! 

“This is not to take away the rich history that the OWA brought to professional wrestling.  While archives are important for the preservation of our sport, we also have to move forward with other ventures to remain competitive with other streaming platforms. Earlier this year, we branched out by bringing you live MMA events courtesy of Global Combat Championship which has been wildly successful for the network. Kan Tai Panda Adventures will be the first scripted show of any type for the network. As we finalize deals to bring more content, we will certainly let everyone know.”

About Splat! Media

Splat! Media (formerly the OWA Network) was created in 2005 for hosting classic professional wrestling cards. In 2019, it branched out into original content by acquiring the rights to broadcast shows from MMA company Global Combat Championship. Splat! Media can be reached through their website at https://splatpoint.club