“YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE” Pilot Casting Call Notice


In 1997, DC Comics produced a comic series called Young Heroes in Love. A rough band of heroes that get together to fight crime. The series was very underrated and featured more of a television drama feel to it more than a superhero comic book feel.  Splat! Studios is looking to turn this series into live action television show. The series will stay very close to the original comic and may only run a single season with a finale to close the show. The number of episodes is not yet established, but we are approximating that there will be roughly ten episodes. However, we will need to create a pilot to show to DC Comics executives before they grant us permission to do an entire season. If the project moves forward, there would be a total of eight episodes in this limited series.

We are looking at a TV-14 rating for this series, however, there are aspects of this show we may amplify which could result in a TV-MA rating. 

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the parts below, please contact @splatpoint on Twitter and you will be direction on what is needed. We are placing our needs below, however if someone comes across who is not exactly what we are looking for but would be perfect for the part, then we will adjust our needs.


BONFIRE (aka Annie Fletcher) is a young Caucasian female with red hair and average female build. Her superpower is generation of fire and temperature manipulation. Character will be involved in sexual situations.

JUNIOR (aka Benjamin Newton) is a young (perhaps even teenage) Caucasian male. In a laboratory accident, he was shrunk down to miniature size. He has no special ability.

MONSTERGIRL (Already Cast) Her power is shape shifting. She is very manipulative. Will be involved in sexual situations.

THUNDERHEAD (aka Scott Tucker) is an older Caucasian male of large build. His power is of super strength and electricity generation. Will be involved in sexual situations.

OFF RAMP (aka George Sloan) is an older Caucasian male of medium build. Facial hair is a plus. His power is to use portals.  Not expected to be in any sexual situations in the series. This character is a smoker, however, if we find the right fit for this character, that can be removed.

FROSTBITE is a young male. While his ethnicity is not known, we are anticipating an African American or Asian in the role.  However, Frostbite walks around in very little and has a very cut build. His power is that of generating cold and ice. Not expected to be in any sexual situations in the pilot but if the pilot is approved, this could change.

HARD DRIVE (aka Jeremy Horton) is an older Caucasian male of large build. He is the rich, self professed leader of the Young Heroes, however his plans do not always work out. His power is telekinesis and mind control which he uses to manipulate his fellow teammates to fall in line with his direction of the team. He will be involved in sexual situations.

MUMMY KING. We are considering casting for this role, but there is also CGI considerations as well. If we find some one who fits what we need, then we will cast it, otherwise the character will be computer generated.  He will be the villain of the pilot. 

ZIP KID (aka Stacy Taglia) is a young female. We are open to ethnicity, however she is a Caucasian in the comic book. She has the power to fly and can control her size. She is not scheduled to appear until the second episode, unless we decide to introduce her at the end of the pilot, but she will be a cast regular if the series proceeds.

Once the pilot is created, if approved by DC Comics, we will amend the cast requirements to fill the remainder of the series. We are hoping to begin shooting the pilot in March.