“YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE” Cast Announcements

In 1997, DC Comics produced a comic series called Young Heroes in Love. A rough band of heroes that get together to fight crime. The series was very underrated and featured more of a television drama feel to it more than a superhero comic book feel.  Splat! Studios is looking to turn this series into live action television show. The series will stay very close to the original comic and may only run a single season with a finale to close the show. The number of episodes is not yet established, but we are approximating that there will be roughly ten episodes. However, we will need to create a pilot to show to DC Comics executives before they grant us permission to do an entire season. If the project moves forward, there would be a total of eight episodes in this limited series.

BONFIRE (aka Annie Fletcher) Her superpower is generation of fire and temperature manipulation and visualization.

JUNIOR (aka Benjamin Newton) In a laboratory accident, he was shrunk down to miniature size. He is the scientific and espionage specialist of the team.

MONSTERGIRL: Her power is shape shifting. She is very manipulative and power hungry.

THUNDERHEAD (aka Scott Tucker) His power is of super strength, near invulnerability and electricity generation.

OFF RAMP (aka George Sloan) His power is to use portals and to drive a bad ass classic car.

FROSTBITE Her power is that of generating cold and ice.

HARD DRIVE (aka Jeremy Horton) He is the rich, self professed leader of the Young Heroes, however his plans do not always work out. His power is telekinesis and mind control which he uses to manipulate his fellow teammates to fall in line with his direction of the team.

ZIP KID (aka Stacy Taglia) She has the power to fly and can control her size.


Birthday Girl suffers from a home where if she were not well behaved, there were no birthday parties. Of course, she was hardly well behaved. So, as an adult, she hosts parties every night in honor of those birthdays that she missed. All she needs now are folks to attend.

Cleopatra has returned from the dead to wreak havoc upon those who scorned her while she was living.

We’ve been sworn to secrecy about the role that Katarra will play in Young Heroes, however it will change the course for the Young Heroes team forever.

Dr. Renquist is the world’s youngest genius. His doctorate is as authentic as his temper tantrums which will cause some serious issues for our heroes.

We couldn’t score permission to use the Superman arc of the Young Heroes story, but we did score permission to use Scarecrow who makes life very difficult for our Young Heroes during his story arc.

The limited series, “Young Heroes In Love” will debut on Splat! this coming spring.